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Trying to figure out

The more I see... the less I know

Hiya~~ ^0^ | To everyone watching my livejournal and reading my profile right now :D, well... since this is supposed to be a "bio" xD I guess I should say something about me right?
So... I'm Andrea (yoroshiku~) and although I'm not really used to write about me I will really try hard to update myself every week or maybe two.
Well... I'm actually from Bolivia (where we speak Spanish), so my english is kind of bad xD (sorry if my grammar sucks xD), but I can understand english perfectly :D. I'm a very simple girl, shy sometimes (depends on the person, if there's chemistry then WATCH OUT I'm able to speak forever xD)
I guess that's it for now, I can't think of anything else about me... (not really good at describing me, sorry)
Some things that you should know about me |
-Arashi Addict
-Nino is the one that gain my heart
-Anime Lover
-Love to comment rather than posting
-Love to credit all of the work that other people do
-I ADORE my family
-I LOVE my friends (that means that I'm able to do ANYTHING for them)
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